Responsible for Emergency Evacuations? A Secure and Reliable Process


A colleague recently shared a very interesting and powerful case study of a organisation which handled its emergency evacuation drills in a timely and secure way.

The organisation was previously bogged down in the clumsy and ineffective planning and handling of emergency drills — which involved the challenges of accounting for a very dynamic  situation in which many people entered and exited their buildings every day.

This caused havoc and at times confusion in accounting for who was in the building at any point in time and for informing fire wardens during practice emergency drills.

They resolved this — all the while improving building access security — by using proven Iris Scan technology and a simple custom mobile phone application which – during drills –  immediately informed the fire wardens of who was in the building by sending immediately accurate reports of occupants in the building to the mobile phones of the fire wardens.

This is a simple — and powerful — application of an innovative and proven Iris Scan technology which can be deployed cost effectively and reliably — and saves lives!

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