Do You Have a Clever Young Family Member who is Technical?


The progress that the Internet has enabled in education is genuinely phenomenal.

One example is that for young people (maybe not babies as in the photo!) interested in coding or programming in various computer program languages, there are amazing free educational resources that give them the step-wise experience and success in learning the basics and advanced concepts – and eventually certification if they want it!

One outstanding example is “free CodeCamp” which provides a comprehensive and painstakingly exhaustive curriculum – complete with the “crowdsourcing” of like-minded mentors that are available on line at any time.   It aligns with contemporary practices of using resources like GitHub (i.e. tools and repository for collaborative programming) – so it gives the genuine real-world experience.  They have operations around the world and they are easy to interact with.

So if you have a talented teenage daughter or son who are clever, have too much time on their hands, like challenges and have even fledgling technical skills or interests, please check out

(FYI, I have no commercial arrangement with this site or organisation – but have been very impressed by them).


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