Do You “Start with Why?”


I recently read a book that was highly recommended by others, and I got to the end and said, “Is that all there is? How do I figure out my Why?”

The book is “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” by Simon Sinek.

The premise is a very interesting and actually a profound one: That too often we personally (and as an organisation) get caught up in describing the “What” and “How” of that which we do, but don’t provide the context of “Why”. Simon shows examples where Apple does start with Why and people become raving fans of their products because of it.

As a quick tip, there are many reviewers of the book on Amazon that recommend just watching the YouTube video by Simon on “Start with Why” (and then consider whether you need to buy the book or the follow up seminar where Simon is reported to help you discover your Why — which isn’t covered in the book).

For what it is worth and in the spirit of “vulnerability”(!), here is my draft Why for my providing leadership to large organisations in the Asia Pacific area.

I welcome your feedback on whether you believe this is good example of a Why as defined by Simon.  (Similarly if you would like feedback on your Why, please “crowdsource” it as a reply!)

My Why:

“Your organisation knows the importance of getting people working effectively together — either to win/sell projects or to successfully implement them.

You want people who can motivate others to get out of their comfort zone periodically and to feel excited about stretch goals.

You want people who don’t stay in their silos but keep the big picture and work across the organisation to get things done and to handle issues that arise.

My life’s journey has taken me as an adventuresome and novice “pathfinder” from the US (with Masters degrees in Computer Science and Applied Psychology and business/management consulting training) to Australia to Japan to Singapore.  I have been privileged to have the opportunity to work with many different teams solving complex business problems in these settings.

I have enjoyed since I was a boy the finding out of the differences and the similarities of people and of finding ways of helping them get along to achieve goals and of making 1 plus 1 = 3!

Now my experience, training and expertise both in the hard technical business and project skills and the soft people skills provides me with unique ability to very successfully motivate people especially in Asia Pacific/Japan where I have worked over 10 years and to achieve business outcomes and growth that are exceptional and previously undreamed of. ”

What do you think of this “Why”?


About addedval

Ken's journey has been as a pathfinder who seeks out opportunities for making a real difference to global teams working together effectively and realising amazing business results. This covers his work as a Partner for a major management consulting company in multiple countries, as an entrepreneur with starting and selling various businesses, as a property developer and capital raiser and as head of various boutique consultancies.
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